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Jailing Is Failing

Our criminal justice system is not working. Past Governments of both political persuasions have been responsible for more than doubling the Australian jail population over recent decades. The Australian imprisonment rate (per 100,000 of adult population) more than tripled, from 66 in 1985 to 223 in 2019. It is now time to critically examine the evidence which shows that jails are failing us all. In many parts of the United States Democrats and Republicans are learning to work together to support alternatives to incarceration.

Successful bipartisan reform initiatives internationally show us there is another way. It’s time for governments to listen and accept the evidence for reform.

It’s time to admit it – jailing is failing.


Jailing is failing young Australians. Sadly, most of the young people in Australia’s juvenile justice system come from backgrounds where they have already often suffered from severe neglect or abuse and/or have been...
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Jailing is failing women. The fastest growing cohort of Australia’s prison population is women, and a disproportionate number of those women are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Most have committed non-violent offences, and many...
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